A girl’s unwanted companion : Mood Swings

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If you are in a good mood while reading this blog then u might think- oh is it so? what mood swings? i never have had mood swings,i m cool af😎,but if u r not in a happy frame of mind right now u might end up agreeing with many things written hereafter…


1- Happy mood

Start out each day as -“I will make this day count..I will be productive today”..everyday is like a fairy tale 😝


Not so good mood:
Oh god!! Another day..how am i going to survive this plus my hair looks like a bird’s nest.

2- Happy mood
Mostly you are humming some peppy song…there is all Calvin Harris on your playlist and sometimes Salman Khan’s “jeene k hain 4 din” song occurs in your mind.

Not so happy:
Jagjit Singh becomes your best friend all of a sudden.

3- Happy mood
Me- what’s for lunch?
Mom-Palak Paneer and rice hain beta
Me-wowwww ! Palak Paneer,  i can have it everyday.

Not so good mood:
Me-what are we having for lunch?
Mom-Palak Paneer and Rice
Me- Give me a break !! you want me to get fat..you know i am on a low calorie diet.huh

4- Good mood
I m blessed with all the good people in my life. i am so lucky “touch wood”

Bad mood
I am stuck with jerks..nobody even cares .

5- Happy mood

I have the best boyfriend in the world..he pampers me a lot❤



Bad mood:
Oh i hate him so much.his friends are more important to him..he doesn’t even call i m going to break up with him TODAY.

6- Good mood
I have all things planned out for my future..within 3 years i will be working with this big organisation ..everybody will praise my working skills.

Bad mood:
God! “Kya chl ra hai zindagi me”… i m not settled properly..i m not earning the way i had planned 3 years ago
My life sucks!!! 😕

There are days when we just want to dance and have food containing loads of calories and we do have those days…we just want to show our loved ones that they mean the world to us.
But also there are days when we just want to stab every single person for even talking to us just because our mood is not that good.

So guys if you say that its hard to understand a girl,we totally get you, sometimes its hard for us too…but i can assure you that we  are very much opinionated about what we want to do with our lives..it just requires a little bit of patience and ofcourse we really get happy when our best friend handles our mood swings and never complains.😉

                ABOUT THE AUTHOR

She’s an enlivening ,aesthetic and crude author, Before she started writing blogs, she experimented with various occupations: computer programming, e-commerce, scientificating… But her favorite job is the one she’s now doing  — writing about human behavior .She can make fun of anything as long as it’s funny enough. Sometimes people find her sarcastic but in actual she is just beyond their understanding.. Follow her.. Know her and be amazed !!


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21 thoughts on “A girl’s unwanted companion : Mood Swings

  1. Yeah, thats truly said…
    Reading through this was like recalling my good and bad mood days!
    Keep up the good work bhawna!

  2. Ohh boy this blog is amazing, I have become your fan 😊, but need some clarity, what all you have written is about mood swings is one part of the story, write something as how we (boys) can handle the mood swings of the other person, specially the bad ones 😉, sometimes without even knowing the reason we get screwed. Some your findings may be help the helpless like us

  3. Life is how you make of it.
    Play each ball by its merit!
    Nice guide for reference.
    Mood swings occurs to all.
    Thing is how you deal with it!☺👍

  4. My favourite Jagjit Singh whether it’s gud or bad mood loveto listen to his ghazals…yes it’s true mood swings are common and part of life ..the wa y author has put the whole words r lovely ..true professional

  5. So finally someone described about all the moods..n the way it has been described can play a positive part in promoting problem solving and in producing flexible forward planning 😜👌👍

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