Over the Mountains and through the Woods !!

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Image © Kishan Shrivastava

Who would not want to wake up to the cold yet cosy mornings of chirping sounds, vacillating clouds allowing a streak of sunlight to reach you and again beating it to make your mood for some pakoras with hari chutney and pooris with chutpati aloo.

They say wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow. So do this compact little village, Pangot,

Located at 6,300 feet and about 13 kilometers from the city of 9 lakes Nainital does to you. Besides becoming a part of your world, it makes sure it gives you a part of its beauty and steals a part of you, alluring a compulsory visits whenever the humdrum clouds you and the routine pressure plays up.

Image © KishanShrivastava

The idea to visit Pangot struck us initially without rhyme or reason until we came across an absolutely fantastic and quaint picture of “The Oak Trails Eco Lodge”. Needless to mention the journey from Nainital to Pangot will open your senses as you make your way to the destination.

The Oak trails Eco Lodge is an approximately 890 mtrs walk from the main road where the car drops you.

Let me tell you this is an unusual walk on the dampen rocks amidst the variety of flora with highs and lows giving you a feel of trekking…Yeah I know you are not here for trekking but some peace and rest.

Image © Kishan Shrivastava

Don’t worry the genteel and compassionate owner Bobby would ensure you have a guide to your help who would greet you in good spirits and accompanying you to your room narrating about the magical village.

Once you begin this journey of beauty and peace, I bet even if you are tired, you would love this stroll of 15 minutes that would indeed instill liveliness and agility in you.

I have shared the picture below to make sure that even in case my words fail to ignite what I feel and want to convey, the picture of the lodge would definitely do the justice to the place and the efforts put in by Bobby to keep this place immaculate and extraordinary…You would be greeted by yet another 2 owner of the Lodge, Dollar- a white Labrador friendly as he knows you since ages, black beauty and angry young boy…2 cats……

Image © Kishan Shrivastava

Unlike other stays, the Lodge offers accommodation only to 5 families at a time in their cosy cottages, bordered by the plants and white clouds. It ensures your “me “and “family “time is as private and essential, as you want it to be. The serenity that one senses and experiences here is just terrific as the only sound you would hear is your heartbeat and the music that you play in your mind. It is indeed soothing.

Once you are there on the breakfast table, you have plenty of options to choose. My favourite was Poori and Aloo ki Sabji which I have had every morning despite being heath conscious as it perfectly gratified my taste buds. To complement the meal and force you to hog more are the weather and the light showers along with the spectacular view of the mountains. The mixture of perfect cold weather and hot scrumptious food is enough to oomph you.

As you explore the place, you will come across small narrow paths that would take you along the lush and luxurious green trees and grasses. The rustling of leaves, roaring winds, mixed sound of wildlife will play throughout and calm you down. Every step that you take will get you closer to yourself and the place of course. The turns will unveil the beauty of the place as you walk and walk and walk. Honestly there is no end to this and you would love each moment of your stay irrespective you are a nemoplhilist or not.

Image © Kishan Shrivastava

Once you are back you shall be warmly greeted by the assistants who would happily and eagerly take your order for the day. You actually can’t think of going out for food as the in-house menu and cooking is wholesome with apt flavors and texture. Ahh!! The food is just amazing and you would love every bite of it..

To relive your childhood you may sit on a swing and enjoy the night or go for a bonfire with your loved ones and relish your private time to create lovely moments. The couthy people, the place and the serenity will make sure you settle in ATARAXIA (state of freedom from emotional disturbance and anxiety). The tranquility will ease you out and rejuvenate you like everything and anything.

Image © Kishan Shrivastava

Apart from the bibliophilist, writers, nemophilist, the place is must visit for all those who want to experience the nature and rediscover themselves. One who want to come closer to themselves and pamper their inner self. One who are looking for much needed break from the cacophony of city life and inner demons and conflicts.

Image © Kishan Shrivastava

While the recommend stay would be 4-5 days however you may own the place till you want to.

I am sure on the way back you would be as young and fresh as you were a child. It instills that level of innocence and magic in your nerves.

Image © Kishan Shrivastava

Hey!!! Get up and get your rucksack ready to visit this heavenly place situated amidst clouds and look after the city like a citadel yet very enigmatic and private.

*All images © Kishan Shrivastava

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10 thoughts on “Over the Mountains and through the Woods !!

  1. Beautiful place with vivid beauty.
    And even much well narrated justifying it.
    Added to wishlist.
    Thanks for introducing to such paradise on earth.
    Away from cities daily chaos and noise.
    Looking forward to more such dream lands! 🙂

  2. It’s really a amazing to visit .place surrounded by mountains n woods not gives calming effect but attracts to explore more…feel like on different planet away from busy routine life

  3. Only a word came to my mind while going through this blog was “WOW” poetic photos and apt narrative make for a lovely introduction to this intimate place.👍

    1. I certainly hope this blog helps. If you need anything else, please do not hesitate to let us know. We would be glad to assist you 😊

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